អបអរសាទរ ព្រះរាជពិធីចម្រើនព្រះជន្ម
សូមថ្វាយព្រះពរ ព្រះករុណា ព្រះបាទសម្តេច ព្រះបរមនាថ នរោត្តម សីហមុនី ក្នុង ឱកាសបុណ្យចម្រើនព្រះជន្ន សូមព្រះអង្គប្រកបដោយព្រះបរមសុខគ្រប់ៗប្រការ និង ជន្នាយុយ៉ឺនយូរជាងរយព្រះវស្សា។

Almond Hospitality humbly presents its heartfelt wishes of happiness.
Good health and lon...

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បរិភោគឆៅជាមួយក្តាមអាឡាស្កា គឺជាវិធីដ៏ល្អមួយដើម្បីទទួលបាននូវរសជាតិស្រស់ 100% នៃក្តាមអាឡាស្កា។

Sashimi is a great way to eat Alaska crab. Get 100% fresh flavour in these medallions of crab!
#sashimi#Alaska#King #Crab#Sevensea#AlmondBassac#PhnomPenh#Cambodia

For more information and reservat...

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Choose live seafood, including Alaska crab, shrimp and elephant shell fresh from our tanks! For more information and reservations, call our Hotline: 077 801 777

#LiveSeafood #VIPFood #VIPYou #ExclusivelyForYou #FreshIsBest #Sevensea #PhnomPenh #Cambodia

ភោជនីយដ្ឋាន គ្រឿងសមុទ្រ សេវិនស៉ី


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Geoduck or elephant shell is have a savory flavor and crunchy texture which tastes great steamed, sweet and sour, fried or in hotpot.
#Sevensea #AlmondBassac #PhnomPenh #Cambodia

Cruncy breadcrumbs and juicy prawns make this a winning dish!

Deep fried prawns with breadcrumbs
#prawns #breadcrumbs #Sevensea #AlmondBassac #PhnomPenh #Cambodia

ក្រុមហ៊ុន អល់មិនគ្រុប នាំមកជូនលោកអ្នកនូវបង្អែមអំបុកខ្មែរ ចំនូន ៥មុខដែលបានឆ្នៃប្រឌិតដោយមេចុងភៅខ្មែរ លោក លូរ ម៉េង។
Special Ambok menu creation by Cambodian Master Chef Luu Meng. In celebration of "Bon Om Touk" Cambodian Water Festival.


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2 years ago
Staff are nice, polite, and friendly. I been there many time for breakfast and to celebrate my son's birthday. Food are good with a reasonable price, clean room and nice decoration.
- Thirith M
a year ago
Nice hotel and good view
- Tsungjung L
a year ago
Nice restaurant in Phnom Penh
- Ratana S
Check out our cozy, kid-friendly seafood place. We also offer catering. Reservations accepted, so feel free to book in advance. Hope to see you soon!

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